Here’s a list of our presenters for the DGA 2019 Summer Conference. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Theresa Farr (Co-founder, Conversion Max)
Theresa Farr helps clients to maximize the value of their customer traffic.To do this, she works with them to improve conversions by systematically identifying, prioritizing and fixing problem areas. She starts by reviewing a company's site analytics. Then she determines WHAT is wrong. From there she gathers qualitative data and analyzes the site from a conversion framework to figure out WHY. Theresa shared that "I create a wireframe or mockup of what I think will fix the problem. Then I check to see whether it did. I don't stop until the data shows that the problem has been fixed and the client is making more money." 

Theresa holds a Master's Degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado. She is a repeat speaker at several digital marketing conferences including: Conversion Conference, Pubcon, and Convert Academy. She operates Conversion Max with her husband Richard Farr.

Read more about Theresa's DGA presentation, HELP! I'm Doing Everything Right, but it's not Working!

Click on this link to learn more about Theresa's presentation:

Theresa Packard (Marketing & Business Development Manager, CommerceV3)
Theresa Packard started her marketing career in brick and mortar merchandising and retailing for a large kitchen company. After moving back to Ohio, she began working for an educational rewards company, developing literature and re-working the company’s website. She made the switch to e-commerce about eight years ago, working with a large horticulture company, where she was responsible for their brand websites. Theresa utilized her expertise to re-platform and redesign the sites as well as manage their email programs. She has been with CV3 for two years, working with clients to improve their website conversions while also improving site speed and usability.                             

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Phil Thompson (Director Postal Affairs, Quad)
Phil Thompson leads a team that manages the business and technical relationships between Quad and the USPS. This dedicated team partners with the USPS and Quad’s clients to develop, test and integrate systems and processes for efficient mail handling. Additionally, Postal Affairs supports internal process development teams, and clients and vendors expanding postal e-commerce solutions into their customer communications. Phil actively uses his background in distribution and IT to develop business solutions in several areas that include mailing, newsstand, transportation, inventory control and list services. Since joining Quad in 1987, he has developed PostalOne!, IMb tracing/IV and FAST applications to improve the mailing process through electronic data sharing.

Phil has served as the industry chair of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), he serves on the Board of the Association of Postal Commerce (Postcom),and is currently the co-chair of the Postal Operations and Technology Council (POTC) for Idealliance. 

Read about Phil's DGA presentation, Changes in the USPS and Benefitting from the Changes

Tim Wood (Product Development and Marketing Manager, Spring Meadow Nursery)
The Proven Winners brand unique selling position can be best summed up by their tagline “A better Garden Starts with a Better Plant.” As both the Product Development Manager and the Marketing Manager for Spring Meadow Nursery, Tim Wood’s job is find those better plants, and to tell their unique stories to growers, retailers and most importantly to the end consumer. He is credited with discovering and successfully launching over 300 new plants, 71 of which have won awards, including ten DGA Green Thumb awards. Of all his accomplishments, Wood is most proud of his role in the Invinc-ah-bell Spirit campaign which, thus far, has raised over a million dollars for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

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Owen Video (Founder, Owen Video)
As a pioneer in video marketing, Owen speaks at major video marketing conferences and is well respected as a live stream host and marketing educator. Owen teaches on YouTube, Facebook, and ITune and in his private courses at The Video Marketing School.
His extensive credentials kudos include: 
• Small Business of the Year, California in 2015
• Created and pioneered The Video Sales Funnel (This is what his talk will focus on at the conference.)
• Made over 1000 videos for the web
• Host of 3 Live Video shows in the Social Media Marketing Industry
• Over 40k subs on YouTube
• Over 2.2 million minutes of watch time
• Thymoma Cancer Survivor
• Doubled revenue during chemo

Read about Owen's DGA presentation, Video Sales Funnels

Kelsey Finley (Copywriter/Creative Strategist, J. Schmid & Associates)
Kelsey Finley uses her storytelling and conceptual skills to produce digital and direct mail efforts for nearly 30 different brands, including Jockey, Boden and Cintas. She works closely with creative directors and designers to ensure each project tells a story that disrupts, delights and drives customers to take action. Simply put, Kelsey’s work works. She’ll be the first to tell you that successful brands don’t just look and sound good – they harness the power of human emotion and make people feel something. Kelsey looks forward to sharing her marketing insights and love for storytelling at the DGA Summer Conference.

Read about Kelsey's DGA presentation, 5 Basic Human Truths and Their Impact on Marketing

Click on this link to learn more about Kelsey's presentation:

Matt Szukalowski (Marketing Industry Segment Manager, UPS)
Matt Szukalowski's career with UPS spans 30 years. During that time his responsibilities have included overseeing the Technology & Automation for the Michigan District, managing the Transportation Engineering Section for the Michigan District, and coordinating an Operations & Delivery Center.  He has also held several strategic roles in Marketing. Matt's current assignment involves coordinating strategic initiatives for the Apparel & Consumer Goods Segment for Michigan and areas of Ohio.

Matt sits on the UPS Great Lakes District’s Diversity & Inclusion Council and Davenport University’s Advisory Board. He graduated from Davenport with both Bachelors of Science and MBA degrees and is currently wrapping up his Doctoral Degree where his area of focus is leveraging innovation to improve supply chains.

Read about Matt's DGA presentation, The Evolution of Transportation and Logistics

Rose Flanagan (Manager Postal Strategies & Logistics, Data-Mail, Inc.)
Rose Flanagan serves as one of the DGA representatives to the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC).
She will be presenting an update on current postal issues MTAC is addressing.